How to install on Windows

This document describes how to install and use Rabbit on Windows.

How to install

Install the following software:

  • Ruby
  • Rabbit

How to install Ruby

Download and execute Ruby installer from download page of RubyInstall for Windows. You can use both 32bit version and 64bit version.

How to install Rabbit

RubyInstaller install "Start Command Prompt with Ruby" program into start menu. This program shows command prompt with PATH configuration for ruby.exe. You can install Rabbit by the following command on the command prompt:

> gem install rabbit

Related softwares (e.g. Ruby/GTK2 and so on) are also install automatically.

How to run Rabbit

Run the following command on command prompt that is used for installing Rabbit:

> rabbit

It opens a dialog to open a slide file.

See also How to make a slide source.