About RD format for Rabbit slide

Rabbit uses RD format but it uses different usage with normal document. See RD about basic RD syntax, sample slide about sample slide.


The largest headline (=) is title of page. The page follows next title.

= Title



= Next Page


This example has two pages.

Title page

The first page is the title page. You can specify meta information of the slide by using a labeled list (:) in the title page.

= Title of slide

: author
   Kouhei Sutou
: institution

This example shows the author is Kouhei Sutou and his institution is COZMIXNG.

At the moment, you can specify subtitle, content_source and even the theme. "theme" is for the default theme of this slide.


Written as a verbatim block. See sample/rabbit-en.rd.

Entity reference

Written as an inline verbatim. See sample/rabbit-en.rd.


Written as an inline verbatim. See sample/rabbit-en.rd.


You can only use headlines for the biggest headline. (The only headline you really need is the title, right?)


You can footnotes but you shouldn't use it in a presentation.